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Something Wasn’t Right

“You haven’t been sleeping well. You really should get some sleep, you know.”, said the doctor with a sympathetic smile. Michael stared back at the lanky figure in the white coat.

“Wait, how do you know I don’t …”, began Michael, but was interrupted. “Oh, I know everything. Yes I do.”, replied the doctor with a sinister look in his eyes. “Of course you do. Good day.”, said Michael with disgust as he left the doctor’s office.

He went straighy home, but the words still lingered in his mind. He took out his single malt and poured himself a glass. The whisky, and life, were smooth and yet, there was this nagging feeling in his head.

Something wasn’t right.

Two decades ago, people learnt of how their very lives were being monitored, closely observed, by the very bodies they had brought to power. Michael had heard the common quotation among the elders.

They knew more about you than your own spouse.

Two decades ago, revelation happened. And two decades ago, inaction caused those very structures to probe further into the lives of people everywhere.

Michael looked at his wrist watch. He stared at his real time vital signs on the screen. So did the doctor. Later that night, Michael tossed and turned. He finally knew why he couldn’t sleep. It was all the eyes, staring at him, as he walked about and slept, peering into his very privacy and soul. It was all the ears, probing every little word that came out of his mouth. He sighed and readied himself for another long night.

Something wasn’t right.

[ This short story was inspired by Reset The Net, an online protest against mass surveillance of citizens. The day of protest has passed, but there are still many things you can do to know more. Visit Reset The Net to learn about mass online surveillance, how it affects you and those around you, and the steps you can take to protect your privacy online. I also recommend checking PRISM-Break, to get open-source and free alternarives to softwares and services you use on a daily basis.]

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Stuck On AP417-W2: Chapter 2

Date: May 05, 2014.

Time: 07:57:12 AM EST

The night was long, and I’m still exhausted from yesterday’s dog chase. It rained all the time, it still is raining. I broke into a Starbucks nearby, in hopes of finding coffee. Too bad rats took over the place. Coffee is great, it’s what keeps me sane in this world. My GPS tells me there’s a Starbucks a couple of blocks away from here, but I’m just too tired to walk.

Anyway, I’ve found this

Eagles are soaring over the New York streets, some plucking at the corpses in front of me. There’s the smell of rotting meat wherever I go. It’s a mystery why only humans died they way they did. All the other animals are thriving, feasting on 7 billion corpses. It’s been a jackpot for them. No really.

My iPhone went down a few hours ago. It’s really a pain in the ass, the iPhone. I don’t have anyone to call, but I still listen to my ex-girlfriend’s recorded message on here voicemail. I also visit random houses and watch ‘I Am Legend‘, just to see what I need to do to live alone.

The rain makes it all the more difficult to let go of the sorrow. It kind of makes you SO depressed. My laptop’s all charged up for the day, and I’m ready to move out. Today I plan to ride in a Mercedes, then a quick (luxurious) lunch at St. Regis. I’ll spend the afternoon sleeping, or maybe I’ll do a bit of graffiti. Planning everyday is a chore I enjoy, simply because everyday is totally unexpected.

That reminds me, I’ve always liked ‘Man Vs Wild‘, watching Bear Grylls eat bugs was my favorite pastime before. So right now, I’m starting downloads of a few episodes of that to watch tonight.  I only wish the rain would stop. The ink in my pen is almost used up. Yeah, I use pens now. Typing on touch screens isn’t cool anymore, plus I like how writing with a fountain pen feels.

Well, I’ve finally reached the St. Regis hotel and the whole lobby is covered in corpses. Its pretty hard controlling yourself when you see pretty girls lying here and there doing nothing.  There’s food over in the kitchen, but it must have probably gone bad. I’ll make something Nigella makes, I have her videos on my laptop. I love the way she makes everyone’s mouth water with all that Food Porn.

That’s it for today’s diary inputs. I’ve got my hands busy with making delicious food for me. If I don’t poison myself, I’ll carry on with my journey, probably into the woods. I’ve always wanted to get lost and then survive like Bear Grylls.

 To be continued…

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Human Love 101

There’s so much to be said about love. As an insane writer, I have my own thoughts on this “phenomenon”. It is hard to define someting as mysterious and complicated as love, let alone understand it.

What is love? Are humans the only creatures that experience this feeling of affection? Do other creatures feel it? If yes, do they feel it on the same level as us?

There is no dearth of questions. But answers which are logical both from the scientific and emotional/literray point of view are rare. I believe it is this inability to define love accurately that makes it so attractive and popular.

But the question is: Do today’s children and teens, growing in this age of Facebook and social networking understand the value and preciousness of this humane feature called love? I’m not saying Facebook is bad, or today’s teens are incapable. What I’m trying to convey is that being born in the online age might be detrimental to stable relationships, which require more of face-to-face interaction and physical proximity to be effective.

Real life isn’t lived online. Experiences and memories aren’t made online. Everything that is valuable in life is made in company of other humans, experienced within the “social” fabric that keeps all humans together as a community. Love is just a tender form of kindness that acts as a catalyst in this regard.

Take the case of a mother’s love. It is the most awesome type of love there is. It is what drives a mother. It is what keeps her motivated to keep her baby alive. Love can be defined as a sort of long-term chemical reaction in our brains which binds our community together; it gives us a voice in our head to not fight each other to extinction.

In short, love is in the air all the time. It’s not the sleazy feeling people feel towards each other, as portrayed in all those movies. Nor is it “just a feeling of attraction” as many describe it. It is a feeling, a life time of experiences, a melody of thoughts and emotions, all rolled into one four-letter word.

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Reels From The Depths Of The Mind

I wrote this poem a few minutes ago. I happened to see an old photo from my High School years, in which I saw her. It brought back such a flood of emotions, I felt inspired. Though old wounds have been reopened, I find it quite amusing at how painful memories can bring about creativity in a person.

Here I lay, among the ashes of my love

Broken to bits, yet prancing and alive.

What came between us, I know not

Yet my tears are all I have to show.

The mind split, into a million pieces

Spill on the floor, wanting more.

Why did you leave me, O Dear One?

Even though you knew not

My existence in this cruel world

I saw in you an angel, to deliver me

From all sorrow, to bring joy.

I stood there, looking into your eyes

Deeper than deep, calmer than calm.

Yet they have that magical charm

The charm that pulls my arm.

My words fall short for you

I know, yet my heart pains

From all the pain, I wait

Not in vain, for you to come.

I know it is, but a dream.

But dreamers dream, and who am I

To not dream?

Of a love long lost.

Of a girl who brought me Heaven.

Of a Paradise with me and my beloved

Where we shall be together, in joy

Till death do us part.

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Stuck On AP417-W2: Chapter 1

It wasn’t dark when I woke up. Hell, I sleep in the daytime. I like it that way. I’ve been sleeping at noon for the past 2 and a half months. Yeah, ever since all the humans disappeared. What am I then? I’m a human too, except for the fact that I’m alive right now. No, this is not a cheap rip-off of Zombieland. And it wasn’t a case of the munchies that got the others.

I don’t have 31 rules that I live by. I’m not chased around by half-human monsters. Living here is pretty easy. I roam around here and there, collecting food I get. It “is” easy, considering the fact that I’m the only homo sapien sapien on this planet. On Earth. Scientists (who are now all dead) call it AP417-W2. Why did I not die? Why am I the only survivor? Am I the only survivor? I don’t know. But I do know the fact that I’m simply loving it.

The Internet still works, there’s power supply and cable TV rocks! My Facebook is still the same as before.

Earlier: I update status, no likes.

Now: I update status, no likes.

Google is no more by the way. Their servers died of starvation. The Internet gets kind of boring when there’s nobody else around. No new content, no new troll faces, no new LOLCats. And if you’re thinking about food, right now, worry not. I have all the food in the world to eat, or swim in.

Well, the thunderstorms are growing stronger and fiercer. I’ve always been afraid of the thunder. I found a top-secret document in an Internet Cafe a few blocks from where I am right now. I’m at the Mashable HQ, staring at Pete Cashmore‘s dead body. Everyone was right, he is pretty cute, with his beard. The top-secret doc says Earth was called AP417-W2 by scientists. And Earth isn’t the only planet with life, there are a dozen more, which the US government found in the space race era. I don’t know how much of that was true.

Whoops, just a minute……….

I was chased by a rabid dog. Maybe it was rabid. Who knows? It’s getting dark. I should probably stop walking for the day and find somewhere to spend the night. The weather’s been pretty cold for the past few days.

To be continued…

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