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Reflections At Midnight

And as we both sit here in the dark
Like strangers in a park
I can’t help but wonder
What it is that came in between us
The stars shine down on us
But nature’s beauty isn’t what I search
I look into your eyes, but nothing comes back
It’s as if we’ve never met.
How could this day come,
When you said we’d be together
Forever, as one?
Maybe I’m the stupid one here
Maybe the joke’s on me.
Yet I cannot believe that something
As true as our love could ever be
Nothing more than a prank.
And as we sit here in the dark
No, you’re ready to go, move on
As you call it.
But do remember the words you spoke
All seemed real to me. But you’d rather just leave.
And as I sit here in the dark
I feel like an old man in a park
Left with millions of memories
But no more energy to move on.

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On Cowards And Heroes

Recent events in my life have been pretty tough on me. Things reached a peak when I took the cowardly way out on one of those things. Being mocked by someone you love isn’t exactly fun, to be honest. Nevertheless, writing helped me vent my feelings and thankfully, I’m feeling a bit better now.

Living an aimless life
While my relations crumble beside me
Sometimes life gets too tough
And though I wish it away
The coward in me wins.
I’m forced to run, not
Face the problem I have at hand.
Call me what you will
Think of me what you will.
But you will never truly feel
My condition, nor perceive
My point of view. For I am
Too deep to fathom and my
Mind runs in the fae outskirts
Of imagination’s realms.
Quarters your little mind can never enter.
But enough about me, for the moment
Is yours. Bask in your own glory.
While I shiver and cower
And retreat to my shadowy room.

Dear reader, life is never planned out, for anyone. People come and go, things happen and we are almost always taken by surprise. It isn’t always fun and games, and life can get pretty shitty sometimes. But that’s the good thing. Life isn’t always shitty. No matter how bleak things might seem and no matter how desparate you might, no matter how sure you are of your coming failure, please, persevere. Grit your teeth and go ahead. You will come out of it feeling thankful and happy. But unless you take the first step into the storm, you will never pass the storm.

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Theives Of Time

A poem on friendship. A long day of thoughts led me to this topic and I happened to think of my childhood friends.

Friends are theives of time
Everyone knows that

Yet we enjoy the joyful company
Carving out a world of memories

From what is but a blank life.
Memories that make us smile

Years down the road. Those
That make us cry, tears rolling

In nostalgia and a longing
For the times that will return not.

Every joke, every joy, every
Sorrow, every piece of candy

Shared. No annexed from us.
By these theives. The theieves

Of time. Our friends.
Oh how we relish

The company that they are.
God’s real gifts are what we call

Friends. And be they many
Or be they few. They are friends.

Destined to be together forever
In joy and sorrow.

Whether you’re down in the dumps
Or in the seventh heaven

Rest assured they will be with you.
Coz they are your friends.

Would love your feedback on this. Who are your real friends? What are the adventures you’ve had with them? Lets discuss.

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