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Burning Bright

I completed reading Ray Bradbury’s seminal work ‘Fahrenheit 451’ after a long time. It evoked strong emotions in me. I guess being a writer and voracious reader (and a bit insane), words and books are important to me. And to everyone else. It’s been two years since Mr. Bradbury c passed away and I still can connect with him, through his words, through his thoughts that he penned down years ago.

I imagined what my reaction would be if I was in Montag’s place. What took form was a poem. I hope you enjoy it.

I remember, a time
When worries were few
And days were warm.
Of farmhouse and hay
The smell of earth, dry
Yet delicious.

I remember, a time
When I gorged on words
Long and short, I consumed
Them all. The thoughts of
Men, dead and living
Became mine.

I remember, a time
When on porches people sat
Staring at the ephemeral
Vistas beyond, thinking
Nay, exploring the infinite
Realms of the Universe’s mysteries

I remember, a time
When all was not lost.
When thoughts flowed out
From mouth to ear, not just
Words. When lives still had
A drop of meaning in them.

And though all this
Belongs to an age bygone
I still wish and I still
Remember. Through the
Ashes do I walk. The
Fires, they rage on, in
Eternal beauty.

Here the city lies, burning
Bright in the morning light
But I feel no remorse
For the city was dead long ago.
And so the fires do keep burning
Bright, and I shall keep remembering.

Please do let me know what you think of this. Also, what is your favorite memory with a book? Let’s discuss.

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Keep Me Awake

A poem on how it feels when you understand the value of something you took for granted; but that thing is slipping away from you.
The subject here is a dying person, who finally realises the value of the precious life he had. He merely existed, never lived.

I’m tired, not with fatigue
But with life in general.
I can gather not what I do
Or where I am.

Asphyxia is killing me, for I
Am out of breath, waiting for
Death to come and take me away
To an uncharted destination.

Keep me awake for I feel
As though I am slipping away
Into the vast realm of sleep
Albeit permanent.

I’m too tired to get up and fight
My way back into the world.
The world with all its beauties
And miseries.

Keep me awake because I want
To live. My thirst for life is still
Not quenched. I want to live
Free like a bird in the vast blue sky.

Life is slipping away right under
My very nose. And I can feel the
Aura dimming. Weakening. Keep me awake.

So that I don’t die. So that I can
See. The beauty of the world. The
Dawns and dusks that I never
Cared of. The rivers which flow

With a peculiar harmony. Oh!
I want to see. I want to live.
Keep me awake. Don’t let me die.
For I want to live.

I would love to know your views on this. What do you think? Let me know.
And please do share this if you liked it. 🙂

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Stumbling In The Dark

A poem. I do not know how to explain this poem. It is for the individual reader to discover. There’s more than one meaning; everyone perceives it in their own unique way. I pretty much assume that’s what in this poem, a journey towards self-discovery. In the dark.

Too dark to see, where I’m going

Yes, it is. I’m tripping.

Fumbling around, in the dark

With my fingers and toes, not my eyes

In the darkness, that I cannot see.

Can I see the darkness? Where am I going?

Where will I end up? I know not.

My fingers go everywhere, probing

Sensing and feeling, registering, even

The smallest of details. My eyes

Precious as gold, are now useless

Like appendages of the past.

I move along, not knowing

The path that lays ahead.

Are there twists and turns?

Or are there ditches and traps

Ahead of me? I will know

When I shall meet them.

It is but futile to sense

Light, in this dark cavern.

Where am I heading? Nobody knows

Because I am alone.

I am on a journey,

to find light and shelter.

When will I get home?

When will I find light?

I know not.

And for now,

I am stumbling in the dark.


Taking Out My Rage

This is a poem which literally came to me in a moment of rage and fury. A sense of loss was what created this rage. Though I’m insane, I tried my best to not let the rage get the best of me. I not only succeeded, but was inspired to write a poem.

I’m furious, yet I feel so glorious

The adrenaline rushes through me

I feel nothing else, I’m boiling

With anger, since nothing turned out

The way I had expected it to.

I care not about what is wrong

The rage is just to mask, how much

It hurts to know that I failed, miserably

At that. All my promises and dreams

Suffocated and dead. My mind

Wanders into streams of pain and guilt

Yet I hide it from the real world.

I am too weak to let my failures

Haunt me again, so I shall put on

The cloak of rage and anger and spread

Around words of doom, just for the fun of it.

This is not to say I’m a harbinger of fury, straight

From the gory depths of hell

I am an angel, at soul at least

I know not of evil, yet my rage consumes me

Feeding the devil present in me.

But only I do know, that this is all but

A mist, shrouded in its secrecy.

I hid this, this wound

And I do know, this rage will make

You sad, but I am in even more sorrow

To bear. My words swim around in circles

But I must make best use of what I can.

I shall now hide my rage, and cry

Till my pain is over. And then

We will be friends, like we used to be.

As I said before, the whole poem was formed in an almost unconscious moment, when I had the least imaginable control over my mind. I still know not the what meaning these words hold.

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The Stargazer’s Wish

This poem tells the story of a stargazer, who looks up at the skies every night, wondering at what lay where he could not go, of the magnificent stars and galaxies, far away from him. It also shows his wish to travel out to space and discover the unexplored.

Every night I gaze, into the dark fabric
That is of the night, laden with white dots
Twinkling from afar, filling the universe
And everyone in it, with happiness
Yet consuming themselves, for others to see.
I look every night, gaze to be precise
Into the skies, with wondrous eyes.
I see the moon and the stars
Reflecting light that is not theirs
Yet the world is happy
For everyone marvels at the beauty
Caring not for whose it is.
What I look for are shooting stars
To make a wish of mine, like a child
I yearn to know what lies beyond
What exists far away from us
Of strange worlds, and stranger beings
Do the really exist?
Oh, to swim through the stream of space
Dark and cold and dry
What would I not give
To play in the Milky Way
To gather stardust
And look at white dwarfs
But I’ll be careful
Not to get sucked into a black hole
To never return, lost in another
Place? Or time? Or dimension?
I know not, what lies ahead of me
In the dark space, that is space.
Yet I dream, with every fiber
Of my being, it is like breathing
An explorer, that is what I aspire to be
Flowing through the vast territory of space.
Ripped apart are the old galaxies
Stars burning themselves till they die.
Yet new ones form, galaxies and stars.
It is the cycle of life, the eternal one
That drives our Universe.
It continues to turn, even in the vast
Uncharted remains of dead space.
Dead space, yet so alive, so full of life.

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A Garden Of Dreams

Here’s a short poem I wrote. It revolves around the thoughts of a young girl who dreams of creating the perfect garden. She tends to her plants carefully and develops an intimate relation with them.

In sun and rain, I come to you

Dreaming of nothing but a garden

Complete with all things beautiful.

Flowers in all shades, filling my mind

With delight, as the colors blind my eyes.

Every dew drop, every sun beam

Is for a better future, for I dream

Of a garden, the best there is.

Each plant I love and care,

With none to spare.

For you plants shall form

The garden of my dreams.

It is here that I find solace

From the cruel world out there.

I honestly don’t know

What it is I search for

In my life, but a garden

Now that is something worth pursuing.

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