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On Memories And Nostalgia

Admit it, you’ve had your fair share of nostalgia, memories tearing down towards you like a freight train.

Why is it that we humans are SO good at remembering things and recollecting them later, usually at the most inappropriate of times? Forget the good memories, it’s the bad ones, the ones you want to forget but can’t, that make this sort of entry.

Storing and reliving our experiences seems to be hard-wired into our mysterious brains. Just like how we dream, some evolutionary process has instilled into us, the ability to relive those experiences, learn from them, even yearn for those times to come back.

As writers, and as humans in general, this ability gives us things to look back at and smile in old age, and even draw inspiration from when we are down in the dumps. All our senses are triggers that fire upon receiving just the right stimuli. The smell of a perfume an old friend used to wear, the lovely smell of some flower or a place, all are the stimuli that bring back these memories.

But these stimuli can also trigger memories that you want to forget. Controlling them is hard impossible. You just have to face it till the bout subsides.

As a writer and an insane person with his share of relapses, I find it extremely amazing to think of how these  memories are stored in a bundle of tissue, to be retrieved later.

Life would be a dull monochrome show without memories that come in uninvited.

Do let me know what you think of this. Have your own comments or opinions? Do let me know. And please do share if you found this awesome.

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