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Reflections At Midnight

And as we both sit here in the dark
Like strangers in a park
I can’t help but wonder
What it is that came in between us
The stars shine down on us
But nature’s beauty isn’t what I search
I look into your eyes, but nothing comes back
It’s as if we’ve never met.
How could this day come,
When you said we’d be together
Forever, as one?
Maybe I’m the stupid one here
Maybe the joke’s on me.
Yet I cannot believe that something
As true as our love could ever be
Nothing more than a prank.
And as we sit here in the dark
No, you’re ready to go, move on
As you call it.
But do remember the words you spoke
All seemed real to me. But you’d rather just leave.
And as I sit here in the dark
I feel like an old man in a park
Left with millions of memories
But no more energy to move on.

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