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On Cowards And Heroes

Recent events in my life have been pretty tough on me. Things reached a peak when I took the cowardly way out on one of those things. Being mocked by someone you love isn’t exactly fun, to be honest. Nevertheless, writing helped me vent my feelings and thankfully, I’m feeling a bit better now.

Living an aimless life
While my relations crumble beside me
Sometimes life gets too tough
And though I wish it away
The coward in me wins.
I’m forced to run, not
Face the problem I have at hand.
Call me what you will
Think of me what you will.
But you will never truly feel
My condition, nor perceive
My point of view. For I am
Too deep to fathom and my
Mind runs in the fae outskirts
Of imagination’s realms.
Quarters your little mind can never enter.
But enough about me, for the moment
Is yours. Bask in your own glory.
While I shiver and cower
And retreat to my shadowy room.

Dear reader, life is never planned out, for anyone. People come and go, things happen and we are almost always taken by surprise. It isn’t always fun and games, and life can get pretty shitty sometimes. But that’s the good thing. Life isn’t always shitty. No matter how bleak things might seem and no matter how desparate you might, no matter how sure you are of your coming failure, please, persevere. Grit your teeth and go ahead. You will come out of it feeling thankful and happy. But unless you take the first step into the storm, you will never pass the storm.

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Keep Me Awake

A poem on how it feels when you understand the value of something you took for granted; but that thing is slipping away from you.
The subject here is a dying person, who finally realises the value of the precious life he had. He merely existed, never lived.

I’m tired, not with fatigue
But with life in general.
I can gather not what I do
Or where I am.

Asphyxia is killing me, for I
Am out of breath, waiting for
Death to come and take me away
To an uncharted destination.

Keep me awake for I feel
As though I am slipping away
Into the vast realm of sleep
Albeit permanent.

I’m too tired to get up and fight
My way back into the world.
The world with all its beauties
And miseries.

Keep me awake because I want
To live. My thirst for life is still
Not quenched. I want to live
Free like a bird in the vast blue sky.

Life is slipping away right under
My very nose. And I can feel the
Aura dimming. Weakening. Keep me awake.

So that I don’t die. So that I can
See. The beauty of the world. The
Dawns and dusks that I never
Cared of. The rivers which flow

With a peculiar harmony. Oh!
I want to see. I want to live.
Keep me awake. Don’t let me die.
For I want to live.

I would love to know your views on this. What do you think? Let me know.
And please do share this if you liked it. 🙂

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Miles To Go…

A poem I wrote while half-asleep. I expected it to be half full of gibberish. However it turned out to be pretty good (according to me)

Life is short, yet too long
For the problems I’m facing now.

It’s as if though what I’m facing
Will never cease, nor recede.

I wish the problems would just
Fade away, or maybe wear away.

Because I’m too occupied
With what is going on in life.

My battles are many, not few.
Now I must choose which to own.

And which to discard. Life is
A riddle. Yet to be solved.

We all are riddle solvers
Trying to solve the eternal

Riddle of life. Why are we here?
For whom? To do what?

The solutions are many, yet unique.
It is for us to discover on our own.

As always, your comments and thoughts are welcome.

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