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Something Wasn’t Right

“You haven’t been sleeping well. You really should get some sleep, you know.”, said the doctor with a sympathetic smile. Michael stared back at the lanky figure in the white coat.

“Wait, how do you know I don’t …”, began Michael, but was interrupted. “Oh, I know everything. Yes I do.”, replied the doctor with a sinister look in his eyes. “Of course you do. Good day.”, said Michael with disgust as he left the doctor’s office.

He went straighy home, but the words still lingered in his mind. He took out his single malt and poured himself a glass. The whisky, and life, were smooth and yet, there was this nagging feeling in his head.

Something wasn’t right.

Two decades ago, people learnt of how their very lives were being monitored, closely observed, by the very bodies they had brought to power. Michael had heard the common quotation among the elders.

They knew more about you than your own spouse.

Two decades ago, revelation happened. And two decades ago, inaction caused those very structures to probe further into the lives of people everywhere.

Michael looked at his wrist watch. He stared at his real time vital signs on the screen. So did the doctor. Later that night, Michael tossed and turned. He finally knew why he couldn’t sleep. It was all the eyes, staring at him, as he walked about and slept, peering into his very privacy and soul. It was all the ears, probing every little word that came out of his mouth. He sighed and readied himself for another long night.

Something wasn’t right.

[ This short story was inspired by Reset The Net, an online protest against mass surveillance of citizens. The day of protest has passed, but there are still many things you can do to know more. Visit Reset The Net to learn about mass online surveillance, how it affects you and those around you, and the steps you can take to protect your privacy online. I also recommend checking PRISM-Break, to get open-source and free alternarives to softwares and services you use on a daily basis.]

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