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Purple streaks of sunlight fill the evening sky. You step out of your cozy house for a quick stroll after which you will have a silent dinner under the stars that you barely notice. The air is fragrant and light. So light that your breaths carry them away, beyond the horizon, never to return again. Your worries and anxieties still run about in your mind, though you cover them up under a fake smile. Lumps still form in your throat and your heart aches everytime they decide to run amok in your mind. But you wish them away, not wanting to ruin what is otherwise a beautiful evening.

You walk along the streets and can’t help but notice the orange hue on the river, glistening under the last rays of the sun. The river had always been a special place for you. It brought back memories of good times and left you feeling stronger. It was one of those places you wished you could bottle up and enjoy later.

You glide down the streets and notice me sitting on a perk bench. You think I’m happy though you know I’ve always felt tour guides were the happiest people around. Street lights flicker and turn on.

You walk without a clear destination, the promise of a magical place luring you in deeper. For the first time in months you look up at the sky and see the millions of stars that have been waiting for your attention, light years away, yet twinkling as if they were within your grasp. You let your mind wander, free from the heavy thoughts that have been weighing you down for so long.

You hear crickets chirping as the last rays of the sun penetrate the canopy of the forest on a hill outside town, that you’ve always wanted to visit. You see squirrels running around having their final drink of the day, before they drift into the vastness of sleep. Who knows what they might dream about. The air is laden with the smell of flowers far-away. The frangrance is a bit tangy but sweet, you can almost taste it. Stones crunch like potato chips under your feet as you near a hill. It seems the promise of a magical place has brrn fulfilled, but you probe deeper. Everything in this dark place radiates a certain joy and feels magical, yet natural. You can’t help but wonder if this is a dream, and everything in front of you is but a figment of your dormant imagination.

Old dreams are rediscovered as you watch birds drift smoothly into their nests and settling down for the night. Today’s worries and failures are all forgotten. What still remains is the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

The hill is steeper now. The physical exertions bring you back to reality. You turn around and your eyes widen in amazement. The city is bathed in a million points of light, illuminating the place you call home. You realize you’re pretty far away; the city is below you in a valley. Its vey dark now and you are amazed you made it this far, yet you carry on.

Deep in the forest is a clearing, which tonight is filled with moonlight. You walk into the clearing and see the nectar, pouring from heaven to this world of us mortals. The crickets chirp in chorus and there is nothing you can do, but enjoy this spectacular scene, devour it with your eyes and engrave it on your mind. Everything is perfect.

You open your eyes but they are immediately blinded. Your face feels warm. And wet. As your eyes adjust to the light, you feel a wave crash into you. You wake up beside the ocean and realise you’re in Hawaii.


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Miles To Go…

A poem I wrote while half-asleep. I expected it to be half full of gibberish. However it turned out to be pretty good (according to me)

Life is short, yet too long
For the problems I’m facing now.

It’s as if though what I’m facing
Will never cease, nor recede.

I wish the problems would just
Fade away, or maybe wear away.

Because I’m too occupied
With what is going on in life.

My battles are many, not few.
Now I must choose which to own.

And which to discard. Life is
A riddle. Yet to be solved.

We all are riddle solvers
Trying to solve the eternal

Riddle of life. Why are we here?
For whom? To do what?

The solutions are many, yet unique.
It is for us to discover on our own.

As always, your comments and thoughts are welcome.

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Expectations: Why They’re Worthless

Expectations are worthless. Yet everybody has them, not knowing how dangerous a thing it is. Expectations depress us, when things don’t turn out the way we expect it to. It makes us admit defeat when the smallest of obstruction blocks our way towards success. Expectations never do make a successful man. A carefree man is SO much more productive than one who has a threshold expectation to pass.

People expect so many things in daily life, some of them, even impossible. They expect everyone else to be kind to them, though they might be black of heart. They expect the most from their children, who strain away their lives, trying to match the expectations of their parents and elders. We expect a steep pay hike, and yet, no matter how high, our greed never is satisfied. We blame ourselves for our faults,when it is clear that our over-expectations caused them in the first place.

We expect good things to happen in life, yet we take not a minute of our lives to think about it. Life is full of ups and downs. You just cannot want to have a life that is always up, that would be the most boring thing in the world. Living such a life would be terrifying. We expect others to understand our shortcomings, yet we are insensitive to theirs. We blame people for human errors that we could have committed. We expect the world to be a better place, yet we do not look into ourselves, to see the mess there is.

Someone has wisely said, to change the world, change yourself. It is true. People talk of how they will change the world, or complain about how bad this world is, how they are being judged by their peers and how they want someone to come change this world, like a superhero. Yet, no one looks into themselves, they do not introspect, see?

They do not see the dark, grim and unforgiving place withing them, in their heart. Today’s fast-paced world has turned us into monsters, pre-occupied with things that should otherwise be, not to be dealt with. We are always in a hurry, wasting time on things that do not deserve the time, worrying about things that are negligible compared to our life, the greatest gift you and I and every person and being alive in this planet has received.

We have turned, as I say, into monsters, really. We have cut away our hearts from our bodies. We are humane no more, we are simply homo sapiens. Our heart has withered away by the hurry of modern life. What joy would it bring, if we were to slow down for a while, forget all our worries, forget all our appointments, forget everything in this world and stare at life?

To understand life is to understand what drives this world. You and I are part of it. The world we live in is imperfect. Yet, it is the perfect design for our world, because imperfection breeds life. It is in imperfection that perfection can be found, it is in imperfection that happiness can be uncovered. Yet, we do not. We blame the world for being imperfect. We do not slow down and marvel at the beauty of life.

If we did, we would understand how fragile this world is, how fragile our existence is. We would understand what it really means to be alive, to be a human. If only we could remain silent, the whole world, for 12 seconds, as Pablo Neruda wants, life would be so much better for all humans around the world. Pablo Neruda wrote in his poem, Keeping Quiet that he wanted the whole world to remain silent and introspect about their lives and what they were doing.

Yet, we still continue to live, without time for love, relations or the joys of life, consumed by anxiety, the fear of failure and the pressure to succeed in life, which is regarded by many as the pinnacle of life. Life is so much more than that,  it is an amalgam of happy and sad moments, peppered with interesting moments we spend with our loved ones. Nobody really understands that, since to really understand true joy and happiness, one has to let go of his wishes and wants. One should also let go of his/her expectations. Expectations ruin everything. They make you look at things critically, in a negative way.

Life is something you get only once (unless you’re a cat!), and it’s not worth risking everything trying to please others who are not even interested in your well being or progress. Stop trying to make people happy. Identify the people who really want to see you succeed, they bring out the best in you. Remove all expectations, wants and wishes out of your life. Those are the things that are slowing you down, making you depressed and causing you to fail. Once you expect nothing, you get the zeal for life.

You learn to take life as it comes at you, you will become much more happy. No matter what happens, you will only receive it with arms wide open and a cheeky grin that borders on a smile. Life is too short to waste on silly things, you should try to live, not just exist. Enjoy each moment to the fullest.

I know how hollow these words might sound, since everyone out there says this. Yet no one really understands the simple truth behind it. There are several thoughts in my mind on why expectation ruin the nectar of life, but I have no more words to put them in.