Burning Bright

I completed reading Ray Bradbury’s seminal work ‘Fahrenheit 451’ after a long time. It evoked strong emotions in me. I guess being a writer and voracious reader (and a bit insane), words and books are important to me. And to everyone else. It’s been two years since Mr. Bradbury c passed away and I still can connect with him, through his words, through his thoughts that he penned down years ago.

I imagined what my reaction would be if I was in Montag’s place. What took form was a poem. I hope you enjoy it.

I remember, a time
When worries were few
And days were warm.
Of farmhouse and hay
The smell of earth, dry
Yet delicious.

I remember, a time
When I gorged on words
Long and short, I consumed
Them all. The thoughts of
Men, dead and living
Became mine.

I remember, a time
When on porches people sat
Staring at the ephemeral
Vistas beyond, thinking
Nay, exploring the infinite
Realms of the Universe’s mysteries

I remember, a time
When all was not lost.
When thoughts flowed out
From mouth to ear, not just
Words. When lives still had
A drop of meaning in them.

And though all this
Belongs to an age bygone
I still wish and I still
Remember. Through the
Ashes do I walk. The
Fires, they rage on, in
Eternal beauty.

Here the city lies, burning
Bright in the morning light
But I feel no remorse
For the city was dead long ago.
And so the fires do keep burning
Bright, and I shall keep remembering.

Please do let me know what you think of this. Also, what is your favorite memory with a book? Let’s discuss.

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